Tharlona, Realm of Ultimate Challenge

When people die, for the most part, their souls are sent off to a respective realm depending on their species, beliefs, and accomplishments in life. Weather this be heaven, hell, nirvana, or the abyss, there are the eternal realms that souls spend the rest of their eternities within after their mortal lives have ended.

But sometimes death is not the final step in the lives of beings within creation. There is a place that very few know of, and even fewer have been there and returned. The only real evidence of this place is when a still living being tries to resurrect or communicate with a soul that has moved on from it’s home plane. Sometimes, very rarely, the soul will not be able to be brought back at all, as if the soul never existed. When its an attempt at communication, the person attempting contact will get what is best described as grey noise.

Several creatures of strong divinity have been able to come across this place in their travels throughout the planes of existence. As one arch angle put it, this is a place that has connection to everywhere, but is at the same time blocked off from everywhere.

Despite having come across this realm, no being has been able to gain entrance to this place through teleportation, summoning, or otherwise. Even the higher gods and devil lords have been asked about this realm by those who have been able to make contact with such great powers, yet even they seem unwilling or unable to speak on the subject.

The only thing that is certain, is that the souls that go missing are always from beings of great importance. Not necessarily kings or warlords, but people who shape the lives of those around them with great effect, for better or worse. It can range from a simple thief who started a revolution against a tyrant king, to an ancient dragon sorcerer that ruled with an iron fist for a millennium over multiple kingdoms.. It seems that the only criteria is that the soul must have had a grand effect on the history of his or her world.

There are slight rule changes for this campaign, check the rules page

Wandering Soul Maze

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