Soul Points

While there is a currency system in place for more basic uses, such as items and other gear, soul points are the primary currency, and can be used in quite a few ways. All upgrades and tools must be bought AT the city hub, and cannot be purchased inside the maze.

Character Modification

Feat Exchange: For 25 soul points you can exchange one feat that you have taken for another that you meet a prerequisite for, as long as removing that feat does not make you not meet the prerequisite for another feat that you have This can only be done once per character life.

Hit Die Reroll: For 15 soul points you may take a result of a hit dice roll for determining your hit points, and reroll it. Can only be done once per character life.

Skill Point Boost: For 40 soul points you may gain a permanent +5 misc bonus to 2 skills of your choice. Limit 1 per character.

Free Feat: For 250 soul points you may take one feat that you don’t meet the feat prerequisites for. You must still meet BAB and class feature requirements. Limit 1 per character.

Maze Tools

Hub Connection: For 50 soul points you may create a teleport link between the hub and a single tile anywhere on your maze, allowing your character to go directly to the connected tile from the hub and back. Hub Connected tiles are not erased when the maze is reset. Cost increases to 60, then 80, then 120 than 150 for each additional hub connection, capping at 150.

Tile Replicator: For 60 soul points, you can choose to have your next tile be a copy of the tile type you are currently on. Has one charge.

Tile Eraser: For 40 soul points you may choose to erase one tile that is currently in your maze. Usable once per character life.

Tile Lock: For 20 soul points you may choose to have a tile become locked, so that it can never be erased. The cost of each additional lock doubles, with no cap.

Maze Reset: For 5 soul points per active tile, you may erase all maze tiles that are not locked, effectively resetting the maze for you. Each additional maze reset increases the cost per tile by 5.

Character Tools

Hub Teleport: For 30 soul points the character can buy a stone that will teleport the party back to the hub as a free action. Limit 1 per character.

Maze Predictor: For 25 soul points each, the player can purchase one of 4 types of crystals. Each crystal when smashed will force the next tile to be of the type that the crystal indicates. Red: Combat, Green: Lore, Blue: Mental Challenge, Yellow: Social Zone. No limit on how many can be bought.

Summoner’s Tag: For 50 soul points the player can purchase a summoner’s tag, which when burned will summon a creature of person that will be helpful in the current tile. The summoned creature can travel with you to 1 adjacent tile, and will obey commands given by the player that summoned it. After traveling 1 tile, it cannot move further, though it can move back to the tile that it was summoned at. It will stay in the tiles it can be in permanently.

Tile Bypass: For 150 soul points the player can purchase a scroll that when used in a tile, will automatically complete the tile and grant the players it’s rewards. Limit 1 per character.

Services and Items

Gamble Item: for between 5 and 500 soul points a player may volunteer an item and a number of soul points to receive a different item. The more soul points added to the donation, the higher chance the player has of receiving a better, or even multiple items back.

Vial of Pure Power: For 40 soul points a player can buy a vial of pure power, which when drunk, will restore all used spell slots/spell points for the day, along with refreshing any ability with “Only X uses per day”. The Vial then gives a -3 to all stats until the players rests back at the hub.

Soul Point Boost: For 25 soul points a player can boost the soul points they will earn from the next 3 completed tiles by x3. This bonus is lost upon death.

Loot Boost: For 25 soul points a player can boost the look quality of the next 3 completed tiles as if the player was 2 levels higher.. This bonus if lost upon death.

Convert Item to Soul Points: At a rate of 2000 gold worth to 1 soul point a player can sacrifice items for Soul Points.


Sometimes there are uses for soul points within the maze, though it can never be predicted what will pop up or when.

Soul Points

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